Halbert’s Heroes

Here is a list of people and companies I fully recommend.  These are people who I have known for years and/or worked very closely with. None of these recommendations come lightly.

Direct Mail House- Alice Mischica from Specialized Mailing- It is no secret we have worked for Alice for years. She really goes the extra mile in helping make sure your mailings have the best possible shot at success. She keeps costs low and can even help advise you on the latest techniques to getting your mail opened and read.  www.SpecializedMailing.com

Copywriting Coach- John Carlton- Through his simple writing system, John Carlton oversees mentors who help coach aspiring copywriters which puts them on the fast track to writing effective copy which sells. www.john-carlton.com

Online Business Courses- James Schramko- This guy is smoking hot and his material will teach you what to focus on and exactly how to build a profitable online business. I follow personally his advice and have done every single thing he has ever recommended.

Copywriter Agent- Kevin Halbert- My brother Kevin and I maintain a list of copywriters in many different fields who are available for hire. We have placed several and we hooked them up with some very big gigs.  kevin@thegaryhalbertletter.com

Live Event Video Production- Richard Miller- If you attend events in this industry it is never long before you see Richard again. He is the guy I see heading up video recording for all the big hitters from Eben Pagen to Jeff and Jon Walker. rmillerpresents@gmail.com

Email Marketing- Big Jason Henderson- Yes he is a friend, but Jason is a true master at all things related to email marketing. If you are about to roll out a launch or large email campaign, this is the guy you want in your corner. His last venture was so big I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped to develop a course and become a guru. Get him while you can. http://www.bigmarketingonline.com/

Event Coordinator- Gail Kingsbury is Simply the best in the business when it comes to organizing, setting up and managing large events. gail@gailkingsbury.com 541-647-1467

* These are the most common recommendations I give out. If you don’t see the type of direct marketing professional you need, please feel free to email me at bond@thegaryhalbertletter.com and I’ll tell you who I whose advice I would seek.